Purchase Agreement Certification Compliance

To participate in the SPA program, you need to create an account for each group policy item you work with. You can create multiple accounts. However, they must submit separate documents for each agreement. Select the policy object of the group in which you want to set up your account and see who you want to talk to. Use the Purchase Agreement Certification Compliance Report to identify purchase agreements in which creditors and subcontractors have not provided necessary certification information or whose certification is approaching the expiry date. Turn on this box to limit the ratio to process-specific certifications for which documentation is late. Click on accounts that receive > reports > sales contracts > compliance with sales contract certification. Control your purchase of print, editing and digital services at competitive prices from hundreds of certified, tested and reliable vendors. The Simplified Purchase Agreement (SPA) is supported by the administrative and technical support of the subject matter of the group policy and ensures that the supplier meets GPO Contract Term Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program for Printing and Binding and Government Paper Specification, while offering the best value for purchases up to $10,000. You can find an overview of the program in our SPA video.

The agencies participating in the SPA program select certified suppliers from the spa-online database and go directly to the suppliers to get an offer. If you are already a registered GPO contractor, select the GPO office you want to work at and check its spa. If you are not a gPO registered contractor, visit our “Register” page as you save it. You can find instructions for filling out these forms in our video instructions. Enter the classification to be included in the report or leave it empty to include all classifications. Look for the report in the SSRS node reports and reports. Do not submit the invoice to the agency that awarded the position. Send your invoice to the group`s policy item within 10 days of full delivery via the GPO-Faxgateway. The invoice is accompanied by a copy of work order form 4044, possible changes and signed and dated proof of delivery. If you`re a developer, the following procedure lets you learn more about the origin of the data in a report. You must send a copy of the SPA 4044 mission form to the SPA administrator in the GPO office you work with.

Changes to an order that result in a new overall tax require a change. Send a copy of the original SPA mission form with the change to both the creditor and the group`s policy purpose. The group policy object must approve any changes that exceed the SPA limit of $10,000. Create a report on expired certificates by specified date All Agency staff who solicit offers and place SPA orders must complete a free mandatory SPA training. The training is delivered monthly in person at the GPO central office. Once the training is complete, the group policy object delegates purchasing power to licensed SPA users and gives them access to the suppliers` spa-certified database. Select certified suppliers from the online spa database and ask for offers. Check the offers and place your order directly at the Kreditor.

Provide the Seller with a signed SPA 4044 order form and any documents provided by the government. Click the right button on the report, then click Add-Ins > Return > Use (Instant View). Your proposal form will be verified and as soon as you are approved, you will be notified and added to the suppliers` spa-certified database. Provide the Seller with a signed and dated delivery voucher to prove acceptance of your order. If you have quality issues or have a problem with your order, contact your SPA administrator for help. The group policy object – not your agency – pays the lender and sends you an invoice. In the table below, it is