Nobroker Rent Agreement Review

no broker completely falsified – scam a lot of fake hidden fees do not trust at any price….. While paying rent with this application, it will only ask for A/C of the landlord`s details instead of the lease, so no broker will make your payment on ice. Finally ask for the lease. If you do not have a rental agreement, you will deduct 3% commission, then the balance will be refunded. If you have a lease, then they respond as below……………… I paid the rent on June 1st by payzapp by adding money to the wallet, but still didn`t get cashback, so I wanted to know how long it usually takes to credit cashback to payzapp wallet??? Nor do they let two tenants pay single landlords. I have 2 forms with different rental contracts that pay an owner. When payment by the 2nd tenant, they showed an error that payment cannot be paid into 1 bank account in the previous 1 month. You can pay the rent by credit card either via the Nobroker app or via the website by choosing the option to pay the rental. Before you pay the rent. Please read all the terms and conditions. There are a few clauses where they can easily cheat and charge customers extra fees.

Yes, rs.500 Cashback today for June rent payment with diners received via payzapp. Although TnCs, which are mentioned as cashback, apply only to Rupay, Visa and MasterCard rules. I paid rent on May 5 and still haven`t received a cashback. Who else received cashback? Well, if you have a lease, then why not use RedGiraffe which has lower processing fees than this company. In addition, the offers are just gimmick to attract customers. Although they mentioned it in T-C, they would logically have to validate leases before allowing customers to pay rent like RedGiraffe, it looks like a money-making scam. Is there no legal action or cannot it be notified to the consumer formula? Hello everyone, NoBroker do open scam online. NoBroker is better than Nigerian cheats in this matter. I joined the new holding in my house. He paid two months in advance and one month`s rent through NoBroker.

If he has paid, the lease (RA) is optional. But after a few hours, the payment went to keep because RA is not available. I have to leave for a lease offered by NoBroker itself, which costs 700// – I have seen very few comments from here, when I filed my own agreement, they refuse the RAs and withdraw 2% while they pay back the refund. Either way, NoBroker wins either by RA or 2% of the deduction. NoBroker`s charge is now 1.5%. with this brokerage, CRED is much better. NoBroker is better than RedGiraffe. I am currently using RedGiraffe for rent. Please tell me which one I should use? Nobroker is certainly one of the best rent payment applications because it not only offers comfort to pay rent in the case of a few faucets, but also has one of the lowest service charges, in addition to Redgiraffe. And then the Payzapp offer is the icing on the cake. Nobroker also deducts 3% after the lease is filed. According to them, my rent corresponds, the 15000 – 1500 (maintenance) is not equal to 16500 and therefore the transaction is invalid.

They`re crooks, so it`s best not to pay nobroker. You can complain about nobroker rentpay and you can find many such cases. Did anyone get the cashback rent for the month of September? I had the cashback for July and August, but now the Payzapp team tells me that my September rent is not eligible for cashback. I looked at the payzapp conditions and dinners are not mentioned.