Airline Charter Agreement

The agreement: Any contract between the carrier and the charterer for the chartering of the aircraft by the airline. 2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts relating to the leasing of elit`Avia Ltd. aircraft and apply to the exclusion of any other conditions (including any conditions that the charterer claims to apply in connection with an order, order confirmation or other document). The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has prepared the attached draft model contract as a guide for its members and others with regard to frequently used contractual terms that are involved in agreements that may cover their activity. The attached project template is for reference and illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive or definitive, as all transactions are different. BACA makes no representation or warranty as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its contents and BACA assumes no responsibility to those who can rely on it. All persons wishing to use this project should benefit from their own separate legal advice. Charterer: any person, company or organization that charters or offers an aircraft of the airline to charter it. 3.3 All ground and operating personnel, including cabin crew, are entitled to receive orders only from the Carrier, unless a specific written agreement has been obtained in advance by the Carrier, under which certain defined instructions may be accepted by such personnel by the Charterer. The intermediary shall bind the carrier to make the aircraft available to the charterer in accordance with the schedule below and the charterer shall fly from the intermediary under the conditions set out in the schedule below and under the conditions set out in the general terms and conditions annexed to this Agreement and which are part of this Agreement. ______ (CHARTERER/USER) acquires a single charter through the BlackBird platform and BlackBird acts as an air charter broker (indirect airline) to procure the single entity.

{Part 135 operator name} (CARRIER) provides the chartered air carriage described below, subject to the following provisions and attached terms and conditions which form part of this Agreement. 2.12 UNUSED STORAGE SPACE. In the event that a space at the disposal of the CHARTERER is not used at the time of departure, the CHARTERER accepts the use of this space by the carrier without refund or reduction of the price of the charter, but only for the carriage of the personnel and property of the carrier. . . .