Agreement To Furnish Insurance Policy Pdf

Agreement to make the insurance policy available Date: TO THE SELLER The undersigned buyer(s) agrees to provide its own insurance policy covering a vehicle subject to Stay compliance and to avoid last-minute trouble with your indirect credit partners if you provide insurance information to your customers. Protect yourself and your business by ensuring that a customer`s coverage is transferred with them the minute they leave your merchant property. Make sure your damage after delivery is not your loss! The “Agreement for the Provision of Insurance” form is a convenient way for the merchant to obtain insurance information from the customer and confirm coverage with the insurance agent or insurance company. The date of the following year is described below:YearMakeModelBodyVINSuch Insurance Policy must be delivered to the seller within days of the date of this agreement. The following directive is not acceptable: maintenance or repair contract, one-month policies or insurance certificates relating to a Master Insurance Agreement. If the seller does not receive such a policy at the indicated time, the seller may take out (but not necessary) insurance of the agreed type and type in accordance with the terms of the security contract. Such insurance can only be the seller`s interest in the AddressPhonePolicy-#Exp. DateFire & Theft Additional CoverageDeducible Comprehensive $Deductible Collision $In the case, if buyers do not need to provide a valid insurance policy or written proof of insurance of the nature required by the security agreement, buyers agree to pay the seller or its beneficiaries the premium earned for a policy they may have to place for the vehicle described above, in accordance with the refund procedures set out in the guarantee. Liability for damage to the vehicle or the agreement to set up an insurance policy (228RS-U) Protect yourself and your customers. This form ensures that all vehicles sold have insurance. This form is a must! 1 1 DEFINITIONS 1.1 Definitions In this Agreement and in the recitals, unless they are clearly contrary to the context or otherwise specified – 1.1.1 “Agreement” means the agreement on the sale of products including these conditions of sale, the product sales document and the general conditions of sale of marine fuels These general conditions of sale of marine fuels (“conditions of sale”) Connection with the 2 Loss PayeeAddress of Loss PayeeBuyer`s Name (Printed) AddressHome PhoneWork PhoneBuyer`s SignatureDate. . .