Adobe End User License Agreement Keeps Popping Up

Then I tried to open the file directly from the file itself after closing Acrobat. Again, the EULA warned that it had not been accepted. After a little research, I found the following fix. It seems to be a problem when it comes to files that have “CR” in the name. For the few clients who experienced it, I was able to recreate the EULA popup message and trace it back to the files that CR had in capital letters somewhere in the PDF file name. They could have all the signs before or after them, but if the CR is highlighted and appears side by side with the EULA. This last round started when I installed the illustrator which was launched without problem. To install it, I had to stop Bridge and Photoshop. When I tried to reform the PS, guess what? Somewhere between the illustrator`s installation and the attempt to launch the PS (less than two minutes), I was disconnected by CC.

I had to re-register, sign the license agreement again and was asked to register again. The end of this hell is not in sight. 1) Connect all Adobe-related processes in the Activity Monitor (Creative Cloud, Core Sync, CC Library, Services for Adobe Desktop Application, Adobe Desktop Service, Adobe IPC Broker, AAM Updater) 3) Navigate to the following location /Library/application support/adobe and Delete Slstore and slcache. 3) To assign permission with the right mouse button, click the Adobe folder and click Information. A property window is open….